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Back on October 3, 2016, Kim Kardashian was the much-publicized victim of a robbery in Paris. Armed attackers entered the reality star's apartment, restrained her, and proceeded to steal her belongings, which included her engagement ring, two bracelets, a Rolex, and two sets of earrings. Seventeen suspects were arrested a few months later, and four were formally charged, and that seemed to be the end of that until whatever the trial decides.

Now, however, a year after the crime, the individual allegedly responsible for it has reached out to to apologize for what happened. According to TMZ, a man by the name of Aomar Ait Kedache, the alleged mastermind behind the robbery, sent a letter to Kim's legal team. In the parts revealed by the gossip site, Kedache apologized to the star for causing her so much emotional distress and also expressed regret over his actions:

"After observing your emotion and realizing the psychological damages I inflicted... I decided to write to you, not to obtain from you some sort of indulgence. I want to come to you as a human being to tell you how much I regret my gesture, how much I have been moved and touched to see you in tears.

Know that I fully sympathize with the pain you are enduring, your children, your husband, and your close ones. I hope that this letter will allow you to forget little by little the trauma that you suffered by my fault."

On paper, one would think it's a good move for the alleged perpetrator to reach out this way. Sadly, the letter may not be that sincere. According to TMZ's sources, Kim Kardashian felt the message was "hollow," and she believed Kedache sent it to make it look like he feels remorse for his actions prior to his trial.

Kardashian has been understandably having a hard time dealing with the aftermath of the situation throughout the past year. First of all, she decided to skip Paris' 2017 Fashion Week because the memories of what happened to her are still fresh in her mind. Then, during an interview with T Singapore in late September, the reality star stated she had become anxious of the fact that someone could be tracking her daily activities, stating: "I definitely get a lot more anxiety now, just with people knowing your every move."

Fortunately, there is a silver lining to the situation. Speaking to Ellen Degeneres back in April, Kardashian said that the robbery changed her for the better. Mostly because she's learned to not be so materialistic:

"I was definitely materialistic before, not that there's anything bad with having things and working hard to get those things, and I'm really proud of everyone around me that's successful. But I'm so happy that my kids get this me and that this is who I'm raising my kids [to be]. Because I just don't care about that stuff anymore, I really don't..."

Whether or not we believe that last bit, it's great to know that, even though she has been having difficulties, she's trying to look on the bright side of the problem, and use it to grow as a person. Hopefully she continues to be healthy and she's eventually able to put the memory of the robbery behind her.

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