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We've still had no word from Kim Kardashian West following her horrific ordeal in Paris over a week ago, during which she begged for her life as five masked men held her at gunpoint and made off with millions of dollars worth of jewels. A week on, and we're still struggling to comprehend what the poor woman went through, especially following an update from her sister Khloé that she's not doing well at all:

Yet, while the reality TV star is keeping her silence, a battle of opinions regarding her robbery continues to rage around her like a violent tempest.

Indeed, earlier this week we observed some rather harsh words spoken about the Keeping Up with the Kardashian star's nightmare, ranging from people claiming she had faked the entire thing to vile suggestions that she should have been raped. And among it all, an Australian columnist clearly joined in on this enormous relapse of judgement on Tuesday when she claimed that she wished Kim Kardashian had also been killed in a very SEO-friendly piece for The Daily Telegraph.

Oh yeah, and this is all coming from a young lady who proudly categorizes herself as a "feminist" – read what Vanessa de Largie wrote below:

"I have a confession to make. When I heard the news that Kim Kardashian West had been gagged and robbed at gunpoint in her private Paris apartment last week, my first thought was: Why couldn’t they have killed her? [...] I’ve never liked Kardashian West. Any human being who has the time and inclination to take 1200 selfies a day, is lost on me."

To be honest, I personally think Kim Kardashian doesn't post enough selfies a day, but maybe that's just me. The columnist then continued to say:

"There were those who rushed to defend and empathize with Kardashian West — the wife, the mother, and the daughter. But where was the empathy for young girls who are made to feel inadequate because of the Kardashian tribe? And where was the empathy for young girls who have consulted with a plastic surgeon in order to conceive the nose, bosom or butt Kimmy insists are real?"

And it didn't end there. The article then went on to strip Kim of all of her human dignity by suggesting that she's been actually living out her picture-perfect lifestyle as a robot "without a soul." Vanessa de Largie wrote:

"I have zero interest in anything without a soul. Women that inspire me are women who contribute to society. Women that inspire me are women who send positive messages to young girls."

Hang on, are we talking about the same woman here? A celebrity that has paved the way for women to feel comfortable with their curvy shapes, large bottoms and thicker thighs? Has de Largie forgotten about all the times Kim wafted away society's rose-tinted viewpoint of what it's really like to experience pregnancy by discussing her painful swollen feet and incredible weight gain?

Oh, and what about that time that Kardashian fervently supported the Armenian Educational Foundation and even penned a heavily-worded, full-page ad letter to Armenian Genocide deniers in The New York Times? Or when she donated 1,000 pairs of shoes to the Soles for Souls foundation to further humanitarian Hurricane Katrina efforts?

No, clearly none of the above matters because Kim Kardashian is filthy rich and famous, a soulless, immoral gold digger who encourages little girls to be "sluts" and who gives women a bad name.

The piece goes on, rapidly spiraling out of a control with a barrage of aggressive vocabulary to highlight her rampant distaste for a woman she's never even met. Ultimately, Vanessa's viewpoint is that there's no way that Kim should ever be called a feminist icon because she evokes the most rancid qualities of womanhood for posting all those dirty nude selfies. She writes:

"Kardashian West is vapid, vacuous and narcissistic. As a society, we should be disturbed that people like her actually have influence over our young. [...] The masses wanted her blown away. When you offer so little to the world, is it any wonder that people react viciously to you when something tragic occurs?"

Bravo Vanessa de Largie, you honorable "feminist," you deserve a pat on the back for writing a really uplifting article on the power of sisterhood. Thank you very much for singling out a woman and directing all the world's hate on her, just like society has done to females for centuries before you.

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'Such Hateful Sentiments Do Nothing For The Feminist Cause'

Unsurprisingly, many readers stumbling across the column weren't too happy with de Largie's harsh profile on Kim Kardashian and the outrageous remarks that the wife, daughter, sister, mother and, most importantly, just plain person, should have been killed. Thankfully, people rallied to Kimmy's defense online – here are some of the Twitter reactions:

The comments certainly didn't go unnoticed and so powerful was the outrage that the columnist was forced to rethink her words, something which she should have probably have done before she sent them off to her editor in the first place.

Soon after receiving a number of complaints on her Twitter, de Largie backtracked and took to Facebook to clarify what she actually meant, saying:

"I just wanted to be totally honest and admit to this thought. Most people wouldn’t write about the thoughts they think. Thank you for approaching me in a civil manner. There has been much hatred towards me this morning on Twitter and it’s unnecessary. I’m sorry if my column didn’t agree with you. It was not my intention.”

The apology is all well and good but for "feminist" Vanessa de Largie to have the audacity to unleash her tirade on Kim Kardashian for essentially being the "wrong" kind of woman. Well quite frankly, there's nothing pro-feminist in that at all.

Read de Largie's full article over at The Daily Telegraph.


Do you agree that Vanessa de Largie's opinion piece about Kim was outrageous?


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