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In the past few months alone, Kim Kardashian West has caused quite the commotion for photoshopping her pictures, unveiling marijuana-themed merchandise, for seating her child illegally in a car seat and accidentally encouraging "blackface" in a new beauty campaign. And now, just to top it all off, the Keeping Up with the Kardashian star has been accused of using drugs.

On July 10, rocking the boat with a series of Snapchats apparently featuring lines of cocaine chilling on a table in the background, Twitter went wild with allegations that was secretly shoving illegal substances up her contoured nose. And while the social media goddess often tends to ignore such slanderous rumors, this time she wasn't prepared to take any of the crap.

Shutting down the rumors with one fell swoop, the reality TV star posted a video on Twitter to prove to everyone once and for all that she doesn't take A-class drugs. After initially assuming that the powder must have been from the Pixie Stick candy she had given to her kids North and Saint earlier on in the day, she finally got to the bottom of the drug debacle.

Looking perfect in every way in her go-to flower-garland Snapchat filter, she pointed out that the only coke-like evidence around her happened to be hidden away in the natural patterns of her marble table. Setting the record straight, she said:

"OK you guys, I just got back to my hotel room and look at this table, same position, it’s still there. So we did go to Dylan's Candy Shop, I did think that it was our pixie sticks. [...] But after all that, this table at the background - it's a marble table, you guys! Like, come on!

She then added:

"I don't play like that, come on, I have kids, that's just not my lifestyle, I've never been like that."

Quite frankly, let's all hang our heads in shame as we should have known better. This Kardashian Kween barely even drinks alcohol — why on earth would she suddenly be snorting coke?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how incredibly stupid do you feel for believing these rumors?


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