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While Grey's Anatomy Season 14 was already set to be pretty damn amazing given the (literally) explosive finale of Season 13, the announcement that a massive fan-favorite was set to return was the icing on the cake. It was back in June that it was revealed that Kim Raver's Dr. Teddy Altman would appear in the upcoming season for a guest arc, delighting fans in the process.

With a major Season 14 storyline expected to be the recovery of Owen Hunt's sister, Megan (who was found alive in a rebel-led neighborhood after she went missing in unprotected airspace 10 years ago), it seems like Dr. Altman will be reappearing to help both Hunt siblings readjust to their new reality.

Although there's unfortunately still another month before Season 14 premieres, luckily for us the cast have started shooting, and as recent social media snaps reveal, that includes Raver! Take a look below to see some super cute snaps of the cast on set with Kim Raver back as Teddy Altman.

Raver joined both Grey's Anatomy and Instagram this week, and she made her debut on the social media site with a snap of herself alongside Jesse Williams (Jackson Avery) and Camilla Luddington (Jo Wilson). All three actors were dressed in their surgical scrubs so it looks like Teddy will be hard at work during her time back at Grey Sloan.

Raver followed up her debut Instagram snap with a cute pic alongside Meredith Grey herself, Ellen Pompeo.

Sarah Drew a.k.a. April Kepner also snuck in a quick snap with Raver upon her return. Drew and Raver both joined the cast of Grey's Anatomy in Season 6 — Drew in Episode 5, and Raver in Episode 9 — and it's clear they've still got a strong bond.

Finally, Jesse Williams shared this snap which reveals Grey, Avery, Altman and Wilson will all take part in a surgical scene together at some stage in Season 14. Though we can't see who the group are operating on, odds are that with a cardiothoracic surgeon, plastic surgeon, general surgeon and a resident all in the same theater, it'll be a pretty major surgery!

Grey's Anatomy returns to ABC with Season 14 on September 28.

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