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It’s nothing new for big summer blockbusters to give us just a little bit more by way of extra scenes once they make their way to home release and Kingsman: The Golden Circle could be another on that list—and it’s not even hit theaters yet. As well as confirming plans for a third Kingsman movie, director also revealed yesterday that The Golden Circle could get an extended cut, as well, somewhere down the line.

At a Q&A in London last week to which members of the press were invited (Movie Pilot was one of them), Vaughn showed off the first act of the upcoming sequel (which looks awesome, by the way). The director revealed that he can’t seem to leave stuff on the cutting room floor and the film is changing in the edit as days go by, and it’s all the amazing cast's fault—so much so that we might even get a longer director's cut one day:

“It’s changing in the edit because it was too long. That was the other thing because you’re now working with actors you actually like and a sort of camaraderie element forms, and then you start thinking it’d be a good idea to improvise, so what was a 30-second scene becomes four minute scene. I might be tempted to do a longer cut one day, because they knew these characters so well, and they bounced off each other and there’s a genuine friendship between one another. It’s been hard, I’m cutting out lots of good stuff. I hate long movies and I’ve made a long film, so I’m just wrestling with that at the moment.”

Just like Eggsy, though, Vaughn is a man under pressure to get Kingsman back out to the masses and with that comes both blessings and burdens that he’s learned to embrace:

“The movie’s coming out in about six weeks, that we’re still filming and writing, so the process is unbelievable. But it’s all digital so you can change things at the last minute if you have to. Certain films I know which have got a lot more money than us - filming three hours before release. It’s a process, it’s changed.”

[Credit: 20th Century Fox]
[Credit: 20th Century Fox]

Vaughn went on to discuss how times have changed since we first met the agency and the simplicity of the job that came with it.

“With the first movie, we cut on film and there it was and it was quite nice because you had time to reflect and make some decisions and it took a week to see it. Here, it’s like, ‘let’s try this’ and you’re watching it ten minutes later. Sometimes you have too much choice which means you have to be more disciplined.”

It sounds like the man behind the Kingsman franchise is taking great care to make sure that the continuing story of Eggsy and this secret order of spies is one worth telling, which is a promising thing to consider. We can only see how it all ends up when arrives in cinemas September 22.


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