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Jack Carr

How do you like your martini? Whether the name's Bond or Eggsy, safe to say the answer is "not like that."

Last month Fox hit us (eventually) with the first teaser trailer for Kingsman: The Golden Circle, and it was glorious, but to celebrate the 143rd Kentucky Derby, the studio just upped the ante with another, all-new teaser trailer which takes us deep into the South, where the alcoholic beverages don't quite meet Eggsy's expectations.

Be warned: The following trailer contains traces of highly desirable orange tuxedo.

Seriously, where can I get one of those?

finds Eggsy and Merlin headed to Kentucky, HQ of the Statesman, a spy agency who name their agents after various liquors, to deal with a villainess named Poppy (Julianne Moore).

If you watched the trailer and thought "damn, I wonder if Statesman bourbon is actually any good?", you're in luck — you too can get your hands on a bottle. That's the kind of attention to detail which should ensure The Golden Circle avoids the sequel curse and really delivers as a world-expanding follow-up.

Director Matthew Vaughn has already teased the prospect of a third movie — could we see Eggsy in space? — but considering he's not shy about killing off his cast (remember the tragic ending of Layer Cake?), it's probably a little soon to be thinking about that.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle uncorks on September 22, 2017. Will the second shot be even more intoxicating than the first?


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