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In Kingsman: The Secret Service, Matthew Vaughn's outrageously funny spy satire, we learned that manners maketh man. We also learned that Swedish princesses are totally down for spies who save the world.

Sequel takes us across the Atlantic, where Eggsy enters the orbit of both a spy agency known as the Statesmen and a villainess who lives on her own Michael Jackson-style amusement ranch, complete with a diner, a bowling alley and, of course, an evil plan to destroy the world. Or something.

Enough talk. Check out the first trailer for Kingsman: The Golden Circle below, before we take a deeper dive into the movie and what to expect from the dazzling cast of A-listers who are part of Vaughn's sequel/spyquel.

What's The Story Of 'The Golden Circle'?

The Golden Circle's story finds Eggsy (Taron Egerton) Roxy and Merlin headed to the USA to join forces with their American counterparts, the Statesmen, after their HQ is destroyed in an attack carried out by a celebrity villainess named Poppy.

Who's New To The Cast?

Vaughn has positively flooded the cast of his spyquel with A-list names — joining this time are Channing Tatum, Halle Berry, Jeff Bridges, Julianne Moore, Michael Gambon and, uhh, Elton John.

Click through the Instagram slides below to get acquainted with the newcomers.

Berry plays Ginger, the Statesmen's Q-like tech genius who may or may not enjoy a slight flirtation with Merlin (Mark Strong), Eggsy's tech-savvy mentor. Tatum plays denim-clad, lasso-wielding Statesmen agent Tequila, and his boss Champagne (or Champ, as he likes to be called) is played by Bridges (appropriately, seeing as he's made an entire career out of playing drunk Southerners). Elton John is playing "a version of himself," perhaps as a member of that new world order?

What About The Villain?

After Samuel L. Jackson's memorably eccentric turn as the lispy Richmond Valentine, this time around we have a female villain (amazingly, there's never been a main female villain in a James Bond movie — maybe next time?). Her name is Poppy, and she's played by Julianne Moore.

Poppy is a member of an Illuminati-esque new world order group known as The Golden Circle, and just like any Bond villain worth their salt, she has an insane lair — a ranch called Poppyland pimped out to celebrate all things Americana. There's a bowling alley, a cinema, and a retro diner lifted straight from the '50s. Vaughn describes his antagonist as "America's sweetheart gone wrong."

'Kingsman: The Golden Circle' [Credit: Fox]
'Kingsman: The Golden Circle' [Credit: Fox]

The director told reporters during a set visit that he was reluctant to do a sequel because "spy films are only as good as their villains," but then the idea of Poppy came to him and The Golden Circle was born. Hopefully that means this movie has a shot at being bigger and better than the first, and in a time where most superhero movies suffer boring villains, a deranged Julianne Moore murdering all over the joint while serving cheese burgers could be just what the doctor ordered.

And Colin Firth Is Still Dead, Right?

Well, no, actually. The original Galahad, before that title passed to Eggsy, was killed in cold blood by Richmond Valentine in The Secret Circle — but it's not exactly a secret that Harry Hart is back from the dead, now sporting an eyepatch.

That's not a spoiler because we don't actually know how Hart is back, just that he is.

Welcome to Poppyland. [Credit: Fox]
Welcome to Poppyland. [Credit: Fox]

When Can I Watch This Batshit Crazy Movie?

Kingsman: The Golden Circle has a release date of September 29, 2017 on both sides of the pond.

Has Vaughn cooked up a villain even more insane than Richmond Valentine, and could The Golden Circle top the original?


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