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As soon as talked about crossing the streams by directing two (or 3) Star Trek movies and jumping ship to Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens straight after, the internet shit itself.

Some were aghast with horror at the idea of allowing one man to control the two biggest franchises in sci-fi history, while others said, "Well, Star Trek was great," and sat back dreaming of what Episode 7 could be like with the man who made Spock cool again at the helm.

To me, it seems like the right move. The man has made a CAREER out of taking things we loved as kids and making them ultra-awesome and relevant in today's world. Alias? The long dead network spy genre (Get Smart, Dragnet) was re-ignighted. Lost? Gilligan's Island for X-files lovers. Mission Impossible 3? It was better than the second one right? Cloverfield? Godzilla for the iPhone generation. Super-8? ET, Close Encounters, Jaws and The Goonies all rolled into one. New Star Trek? It's just slick and sexy old Star Trek. This is how this mofo operates; he takes the stuff you loved, and gives you an awesome souped up version of it.

Doesn't this scenario fit Star Wars perfectly?

So, slow your roll when you get up off the couch to start complaining and turn your attention to something else -- something far more important than whether J.J. is the right man.

Will Abrams combine the universes?

Probably not, since one is set in the distant future of Earth and the other is set a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. Those two time periods don't really go hand-in-hand...but a cameo? A cameo we could see.

So why not Captain Kirk then? The star in Star Trek and the hero of J.J.'s rebooted franchise seems as good a man as any to hang out with old Han Solo in a cantina, doesn't he?

Well USA Today asked , the man who re-interpreted Kirk, if he felt the possibility of his character appearing in Star Wars was in the cards.

His response was:

Now you’re really playing with fire. I wouldn’t say that even lightly.

Well there you have it! A definitive no! Well... actually it's not very definitive. It's more of an "If I did, I would take it very seriously," kind of comment I think. Not much of a no at all. It does, however, seem like a longshot. Really long. Super unlikely, like hitting a 2 meter wide target with just a small one-man fighter unlikely.

I mean, it's not as if J.J. is known for this kind of behavior. It's not as if, when J.J. made Star Trek in 2009, he intentionally included a Star Wars character or something.


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