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Now that HBO's Game of Thrones will be going into a long slumber following the conclusion of its seventh season, fans of the hit fantasy epic may be wondering what the actors associated with Westeros would be doing before the show's eighth and final season begins shooting.

For Kit Harington, who famously plays the Jon Snow in the HBO show, he'll be seen in yet another TV series that deals with cutthroat politics. But this time around, Harington won't be starring in a fictional realm of lords and queens, but rather one that many people will already be familiar with.

Jon Snow And The Gunpowder, Treason And Plot

Kit Harington will be starring in the upcoming historical drama , a period piece that tells the previously unknown story behind the famous gunpowder plot to kill King James VI of England. BBC promoted the show with a quick teaser on social media that even gave a nod to the family motto of Harington's most famous role.

In Gunpowder, Harington plays Robert Catesby, one of the Christian ringleaders behind the failed Gunpowder Plot meant to assassinate the king. The plan was to end the protestants' persecution of catholics by bombing the House of Lords on November 5, 1605, where the King and his subjects would've been celebrating the State Opening of England's Parliament. The Gunpowder Plot, however, was discovered at the last minute, and the act of rebellion was quickly dealt with.

Gunpowder is expected to air before the year ends, but BBC has yet to give a specific release date. Expect an official trailer and announcement to be released sooner than expected.

The Bastard Behind Guy Fawkes

'V for Vendetta' [Credit: Warner Brothers]
'V for Vendetta' [Credit: Warner Brothers]

If you're not a historian but these events still sound familiar to you, it's because you may remember them from the popular graphic novel and film adaption of V for Vendetta. Alan Moore's dystopian tale of a totalitarian Britain relied heavily on references to the actual Gunpowder Plot and its most famous personality, Guy Fawkes, who in turn was the person whom the masked freedom fighter 'V' took inspiration from.

Since Fawkes was literally caught red-handed while guarding more than 30 barrels of gunpowder under the House of Lords, he became synonymous to the assassination attempt and even became a symbol of post-modern anarchy. Thanks to this newfound popularity and relevance, Fawkes overshadowed his co-conspirators, including Catesby.

Despite being one of the plot's masterminds, Catesby has been relatively forgotten. This in turn gives Harington the opportunity to shine a light on the all but forgotten Catesby through Gunpowder, and do justice to his family name since the actor is actually a descendant of Catesby.

To be specific, Harington's mother is a descendant of Catesby's family. On the other hand, his father's ancestors is John Harington: a man in the house of Parliament who once described Catesby's severed head as an "ugly fellow."

What do you think of the upcoming Gunpowder? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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