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Back in 2009, audiences weren't very familiar with the likes of Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington, Sophie Turner or Maisie Williams, but then Game of Thrones came along. HBO's hit medieval fantasy show put the actors in the spotlight, and quickly turned them into some of Hollywood's most sought-after performers. As we've seen numerous times in the past, though, that kind of fame doesn't come without a price.

In this case, the GoT fandom is quite dedicated, and the actors have had a hard time maintaining a private life with so many eyes watching over their every move when they're not on set. Now one of the show's biggest players, , has revealed the measures he takes to keep some semblance of a private life.

Jon Snow Isn't A Fan Of Taking Pictures With Fans For An Understandable Reason

[Credit: HBO]
[Credit: HBO]

The actor sat down for an interview with The Guardian to discuss his career post-Game of Thrones. The conversation eventually turned to the worldwide attention the show has given him and his co-stars, and Harington explained he isn't much of a fan of it: "[It's] bizarre [...] Like, being in Spain and there being a crowd of 500, maybe 600 fans camped outside the hotel every day, and you have to get through them. It feels like being Bieber or something [...] Yeah, I don't particularly enjoy that."

The actor elaborated on that idea, stating that such attention doesn't do wonders for his mood, and there's one thing in particular about the entire fame dilemma that gets under his skin: taking pictures with fans. As it turns out, Harington has established days when pictures aren't an option, mainly when he's with his fiancé, :

"You just have to, otherwise you start feeling like a mannequin. Especially me and Rose, we never do a photo together. Because then it makes our relationship feel like… puppets... Like we're a walking show."

That statement will surely be disappointing for the thousands of fans eager to immortalize their meeting with the King in the North (and Ygritte), but the actor's motives are completely understandable. There's no way for him to satisfy every single viewer, especially while he's just trying to live his life out of the spotlight.

Harington Isn't The Only Celebrity With This Rule

Our real-life isn't the only celebrity to express his reluctance to take pictures with fans on the street. In fact, there's a good amount of stars who prefer to be cellphone-free during their outings.

This past March, for example, during an interview with Vanity Fair, revealed that she preferred to avoid fan photos as much as possible for the sake of her privacy:

"For me, it's the difference between being able to have a life and not. If someone takes a photograph of me and posts it, within two seconds they've created a marker of exactly where I am within 10 meters. They can see what I'm wearing and who I'm with.

[Credit: Disney]
[Credit: Disney]

The star further explained that not taking pictures with her followers didn't mean that she wouldn't interact with them: "I just can't give that tracking data ... I'll say, 'I will sit here and answer every single Harry Potter fandom question you have but I just can't do a picture.'"

There's also Star-Lord himself, . The musclebound funnyman sat down for a chat with Cigar Aficionado back in April, where he revealed that, similar to Watson, he's opted to simply say "no" to selfies: "[I] have to be economical with my time. If I go out and want to do normal things, I have to be comfortable disappointing people. So I just don't take pictures with people. Because that's not about enjoying the moment; it's about stealing the moment to brag about later. So I say, ‘would you settle for a handshake?' And then they take the picture anyway."

[Credit: Universal Pictures]
[Credit: Universal Pictures]

It may sound a bit extreme of these actors to refuse something as simple as a selfie, but as mentioned above, their reasoning is completely justifiable. Yes, they're public figures, but that doesn't make them mannequins that should be available 24/7 to take pictures with others. Being a celebrity doesn't take away the right for privacy, so it's great to see these stars setting some time aside for themselves.

will return as Jon Snow in the still undated Game of Thrones Season 8.

What do you think about Kit Harington's selfie rule? Let me know in the comments!

[Source: The Guardian]


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