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Klingons are awesome, right? They take no crap, kill things with weird blade weapons and generally just antagonize everyone they meet. Having said that, I always felt there was a softer side to these murderous warriors. I mean, look at Worf: He managed to curtail his desire to strangle everyone on the Enterprise, even though they all treated him like an idiot. That's impressive.

Anyway, it seems like these complex Klingon character traits will be less of an issue in Star Trek Into Darkness. We already knew the Klingons would finally appear in his Star Trek franchise (their appearance in the first film being reduced to a deleted scene), but now we know their role will be purely adversarial. Previously we learned that Star Trek Into Darkness would feature 14 Klingons, of which only two spoke. Could this mean their role will simply be to act as phaser fodder? Well maybe. Check out what Abrams has to say about it in a new interview with MTV. Oh yeah, he also says something about a potential love interest for Kirk, but come on, the Klingons are definitely more important. Take a look below:

Hmm. I'm a little bit worried that Abrams does not seem concerned with the Klingon back story.

Are you just glad we'll see some Klingons?. Let us know below.


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