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Draw your (cardboard) swords, defenders of the (make believe) realm! Two years ago, almost to the day, director revealed his upcoming project Knights of Badassdom, a comedy about live-action role-players. The film was set to star (Game of Thrones), (True Blood), and (Firefly). Unfortunately, due to some rather unfortunate shenanigans involving a douchey producer, the film has yet to secure distribution rights, or, for all we knew, be completed.

Today it has been announced that eOne Entertainment has picked up Knights of Badassdom for distribution. They are planning both a theatrical and VOD release and officially list Joe Lynch as the director, which was previously dubious in the light of the conflict Lynch had had with the aforementioned producer. It should be clarified that eOne has not made mention of whether they are distributing Joe's cut or the version re-cut after his apparent dismissal.

And therein lies the rub. I have been pulling my hair out waiting to see Knights of Badassdom. I think Lynch shows a lot of promise as a filmmaker and this project should put him on the map. However, given the turmoil that has faced this production, I can't bring myself to get excited about this announcement. Lynch himself tweeted today that he was waiting for a phone call confirming that eOne was distributing his cut of the film. The fact that they apparently haven't talked to Lynch before announcing the deal is not the most encouraging.

If eOne does not confirm which cut they are distributing, I can't in good conscience endorse this release.

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