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Skull Island and those damn dirty apes are crossing over for the first time in history! Boom! Studios just announced that the universes are colliding in a six-issue comic book series called that will tell the epic story of the two giant franchises. Here is the official comic synopsis:

"Following the events of the first Planet of the Apes film (1968), Dr. Zaius and General Ursus lead a small group of soldiers to the Forbidden Zone to destroy any remaining evidence of Taylor’s time among them. To their surprise, they discover… a KONG! Now they must travel to Skull Island to discover the truth, but they may not survive the deadliest journey of their lives!"

Comic writer (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe) will be penning the series, and illustrator will be sketching the special event. Magno isn’t a stranger to ape-related comics, having drawn Kong of Skull Island for Boom! Studios, and many more.

Why The Crossover Is A Big Deal

These two franchises are hardly forgettable individually. Both film enthusiasts to casual audiences know of the histories of and . King Kong debuted on the big screen in 1933, with stellar iterations from John Guillermin (the one with Jessica Lange) and Peter Jackson. The most recent endeavor, Kong: Skull Island, differs from the others because it's set in a shared universe with Godzilla.

Planet of the Apes has a long running legacy as well. Having debuted in 1968, the original franchise introduced a dystopian future where apes are at the top of the food chain. The franchise has grown over the years, with one bad remake in 2001 from Tim Burton, but Rupert Wyatt and Matt Reeves brought it back to top form.

A Kong and Planet Of The Apes Crossover On The Big Screen Would Be All Sorts Of Epic

Although it may never happen, but the thought of having the Kong and Planet of the Apes universes crossing over on the big screen would be purely awesome. In the height of the era of shared universes (thanks to Marvel Studios), most tentpole movies are becoming less standalone and more part of larger stories. Mashing up Kong and Planet of the Apes makes perfect sense as a silver screen crossover. Boom! Studios found it obvious as well, stating:

"There’s such a deep mythology to both properties, especially if you consider all of the amazing Kong and Apes comics that have come out in recent years,” said Ryan Ferrier. “With this series, we’ve found a coherent, meaningful way of having these two worlds and their legacies fold into each other. The implications of the Ape civilization discovering the Kong world are huge, and that’s certainly on the forefront of the series."

Having a crossover in comic book form is the best idea for the two franchises, especially when Hollywood risk isn’t the norm. However, in the last few years, studios have been willing to play ball if the budget says so. Universal is paving their way to start their Dark Universe, while DC is rising to the top. The idea of Kong and Planet of the Apes colliding could be an idea for the near future.

It’s been an ape-centric year so far, and what perfect timing to announce Kong on the Planet of the Apes. With Kong: Skull Island getting ready to fight Godzilla in the next couple years, and War for the Planet of the Apes wrapping up a perfect trilogy, where will the two franchises go next? Boom! Studios may have that answer.

Are you excited for Boom! Studios’s Kong on the Planet of the Apes crossover event? Let me know in the comment section below!

[Source: Boom! Studios]


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