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Roughly a month ago, Kong: Skull Island director Jordan Vogt-Roberts took CinemaSins to school after the popular Youtube channel gave the latest King Kong movie its very own CinemaSins treatment. For those unfamiliar with the format, CinemaSins jots down all the "sins" a popular movie committed, and these criticisms range from nagging concerns to petty complaints - though the latter is what they're best known for.

Vogt-Roberts didn't hold back when he trashed CinemaSins on Twitter, calling them out for grabbing the low hanging fruit instead of exerting the effort to give his newest movie legitimate criticism. Here are just a few of the many tweets Vogt-Roberts released when criticizing the cynical Youtube channel.

Now, in a surprising turn of events, the director has affectionately trashed his own movie with the help of yet another popular Youtube channel, Screen Junkies – the team best known for their "Honest Trailers."

Vogt-Roberts Gets Honest About Kong

is best known for truthfully calling out a movie's gaping plot holes and other problems while still maintaining a sense of humor, and it seems that Vogt-Roberts prefers Screen Junkies' brand of criticism over that of CinemaSins'. This was made evident in the fact that the director teamed up with the Youtube channel to take his latest movie to town.

The future Metal Gear Solid director made it clear that while he doesn't mind criticism of his works and respects the field of film criticism, he expects some effort to be put into the criticizing. As the director said in the latest episode of Honest Trailers:

"Look, you guys can criticize my movie all you want. All I ask is if you do it, have some fucking merit to it."

To prove that he's his own biggest critic, Vogt-Roberts helped the Screen Junkies crew knock his movie down a few pegs by citing some glaring faults that he himself noticed. The director even unfavorably compared his movie to the critically-panned AVP: Alien vs. Predator, since both had weak characters and too much spectacle.

Compared to CinemaSins' nitpicking about the lack of gore in a PG-13 movie or Kong's missing genitals, the criticisms of Kong: Skull Island in the newest Honest Trailers have substance and weight to them. Though one could argue that CinemaSins's entire shtick is to be satirical by being petty and calling out a movie for minor offenses, the director of The Kings of Summer doesn't consider this to be humorous in any way.

Jordan Vogt-Roberts: "Satire is not bankruptcy, you can't just declare it."

Honest Trailers' signature narrator Jon Bailey then revealed that while it may seem like Screen Junkies was just capitalizing on the feud between Vogt-Roberts and CinemaSins, the two parties were actually planning to collaborate as far back as July of this year - a month before CinemaSins dropped their Kong: Skull Island episode. The timing of their collaboration, however, could not have been any better.

What do you think of Vogt-Roberts work with Honest Trailers? Who do you think got the last laugh? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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