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Undoubtedly, Kong: Skull Island is one of this year's most anticipated releases. Not only does the film look amazing, but it also features the biggest Kong ever and will set up Legendary's shared universe — a.k.a. the MonsterVerse. But as with most things in life, seeing is most definitely believing. And it looks like we'll have plenty of seeing to do when the film is released in IMAX next month. But to keep us satisfied, Warner Bros. have released a brand new trailer-like featurette, highlighting just how mythical thus beast really is — especially in IMAX.

Check out the brand new featurette below:

If you can just about contain your excitement after watching that, let's take a look at everything we learned from it, as we eagerly anticipate Kong: Skull Island's impending arrival in theaters.

It's An "Immersive Spectacle"

We knew Skull Island was going to be huge, but the brand new featurette really drives home the point that the film is so good that it needs to be seen in IMAX. Tom Hiddleston informs us that Kong has been "reconceived as a myth come to life" and describes the film as an immersive spectacle. In the film, Hiddleston portrays James Conrad — the man hired to track Kong. So you can bet that he will be involved in some of those captivating scenes.

Immersive Spectacle: Visually stunning imagery from "Skull Island" [Credit: Warner Bros]
Immersive Spectacle: Visually stunning imagery from "Skull Island" [Credit: Warner Bros]

As Hiddleston reinforces how captivating the film is, we get some interesting new footage that definitely compounds his claims. In it, we can see the crew standing on a cliff, which looks down onto a massive graveyard of sorts — containing the bones of giant prehistoric species. Furthermore, throughout the featurette, we also see some of the same — but always stunning — footage of Kong attacking the helicopters, and the many deadly creatures on the island.

While Hiddleston, Brie Larson, John Goodman and director Jordan Vogt Roberts do a great job of selling how epic the film looks, it's the visuals that do all that talking here.

If you're a fan of Kong: Skull Island, check these out:

Packard Wants Revenge On Kong

Aside from the fact that it's Samuel L. Jackson — and we don't question Samuel L. Jackson in his movies — we always wondered why Preston Packard has such a vendetta against Kong in all the previous trailers. After all, the Eighth Wonder Of The World is the hero of the film, right? Well according to the Samuel L. Jackson himself, Packard is out for revenge due to the fact that Kong has been killing all his men.

Packard has a vendetta against Kong for killing his men,. [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Packard has a vendetta against Kong for killing his men,. [Credit: Warner Bros.]

It will be interesting to see how Kong reacts to the humans on the island. We know that he is aggressive towards the helicopters, but on the other hand, he seems calm and affectionate towards Brie Larson's character — Mason Weaver. But perhaps the most interesting thing will be seeing how reacts to Packard's declaration of war. The battle for king commences as man takes on beast — but who will walk away victorious?

Kong doesn't take too kindly to being shot at. [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Kong doesn't take too kindly to being shot at. [Credit: Warner Bros.]

A Myth Come To Life

No matter what film he appears in, is very much an iconic figure. However, in order to reinvent him — and make him meet the size requirements for a battle with — the creative team behind Kong: Skull Island decided to make him the biggest Kong yet. And while we have already familiarized ourselves with his gigantic silhouette and monstrous physique, the new footage highlights how big he is in a new way — through his footprints.

Bigfoot: Kong's footprints are huge. [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Bigfoot: Kong's footprints are huge. [Credit: Warner Bros.]

In what is reminiscent to a scene from a Jurassic Park film, Packard's men are seen trekking across the island, against a most unsettling backdrop — Kong's gigantic footprints, that are big enough to fit all of the crew into, and then some. It certainly gives a whole new meaning to the term "bigfoot."

It's well documented that we will see the largest Kong ever in Skull Island, but if these footprints are anything to go by — we haven't seen anything yet. The myth has come to life again, and perhaps it's more alive now than ever before.

Just how big is Kong in "Skull Island"?
Just how big is Kong in "Skull Island"?

With Kong: Skull Island's release less than a month away, this IMAX featurette couldn't have come at a better time. We were already excited by the multiple trailers and countless TV spots, so this mini-trailer should keep us going until the monstrous film hits theaters. Cast members Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, John Goodman and director Jordan Vogt Roberts all speak highly of their project, and insist that we should go and see it in IMAX. And if the stunning images that the trailer revealed are anything to go by, then I think they just might be right.

Kong is back and perhaps more mythical than ever, and it's up to us whether or not we listen to the cast and crew's incredibly compelling arguments. As amazing as the new footage is, something tells me that we ain't seen nothing yet. Let's hope there's plenty more where that came from!

If that didn't convince you. get reacquainted with the previous trailer:

Kong: Skull Island hits theaters on March 10, 2017! Are you going to see it? Let us know in the comments below!


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