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If you were already stoked for Kong: SkullI Island — and, assuming movies about big, badass apes are your poison, you are — you'll definitely want to check out this new pair of TV spots in which Kong rains down on the uninvited guests who've come to his front door looking for trouble with the fury of a thousand suns.

A mix of new footage and clips already seen in Skull Island's two seriously killer trailers, the new TV spots help piece together various parts of the puzzle with regards to how and why the team find themselves on the mythical island, and whether there's any chance at all they'll get off it alive. Personally, I hope channels its inner Rogue One and merrily kills them all. Mercy is overrated.

Check out the first of the new, minute-long TV spots below:

"I'm sorry for your man, Colonel, but if you want to make their sacrifice worthwhile, get us home with proof — monsters exist." Those words from Bill Randa, a senior member of Monarch (the same shady corporation we met in Godzilla) who doesn't actually seem particularly sorry, make clear that there'll be at least one early fatality once the team lands on Skull Island.

See also:

In the second TV spot, Samuel L. Jackson's Colonel Packard points a gun at Randa and demands the truth. That shot of Kong grabbing an enormous dinosaur by the throat is pretty fucking cool. Can we airlift him into the Jurassic World sequel?

Warner Bros. have also unleashed an awesome new poster which highlights the sheer, terrifying scale of Kong, silhouetted against the 'bad moon rising'.

I need this movie in my life like yesterday, but there's still a month to go until Kong: Skull Island swings a hairy arm into a theater near you — March 10, to be precise.

Will Kong: Skull Island make Godzilla look like child's play?


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