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The ever-reclusive King Kong finally emerged from the jungle last week, offering us our first glimpse of the ape up close — and it's hard to deny that he's looking more ferocious than ever before. Banana shortages affect us all in different ways.

[Via Warner Bros.]
[Via Warner Bros.]

Those of us left craving more Kong action shouldn't fret for too long though, as Warner Bros. are set to drop a new trailer for later this week. However, we all know though that Kong's ardent worshippers aren't the most patient of fanatics, so the studio have decided to satiate all of our primal needs with daily teasers that star the titular beast himself.

Teaser #1 — The Calm Before The Storm

Little happens in the first teaser, but a sense of dread begins to build as the military helicopters fly towards inevitable danger. Word of warning — Ring in sick on the day that your commander suggests a cheeky trip to Skull Island.

Teaser #2 — The Eighth Wonder Of The World

The second teaser may only be 13 seconds long, but it still manages to showcase Kong in all of his terrifying glory. Those poor soldiers may have military hardware on their side, but not even their state-of-the-art weapons stand a chance against the might of Kong.

Teaser #3 — Primal Rage

If the previous teaser hinted at Kong's power, then this third promo revels in his strength, revealing the tragic yet undoubtedly awesome-looking fate of those soldiers and their helicopter. We're not sure exactly why a military squadron would ever think it's a good idea to fly so close to a giant, angry ape (especially when their weapons can be used from far away), but we guess that Skull Island would be pretty boring if the soldiers just flew around in circles for two hours.

Fortunately, the official trailer for Kong: Skull Island promises far more in the way of freaky monkey business:

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[Via Fox]
[Via Fox]

Sure, numerous versions of King Kong have swung into cinemas over the years, but director Jordan Vogt-Roberts may have created the best incarnation yet, if these intimidating teasers and that stellar cast are anything to go by. It's still going to be a tall order to best King Ape Homer from The Simpsons though, but hey, we can't have everything.


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