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The shared giant monster cinematic universe continues this weekend with Kong: Skull Island establishing Kong's place in the universe. Now we're more excited than ever for the Godzilla Vs. Kong crossover that will feature the Eighth Wonder of the World facing off against the King Of The Monsters himself, Godzilla, in a match that should be quite satisfying to watch!

In this crossover, Legendary Pictures could do something controversial by having a clear winner — with one iconic giant monster killing the other — but more than likely the two icons will form an alliance to fight another and much more evil giant monster, just as Batman and Superman joined forces against Doomsday in Dawn of Justice.

But who could possibly make Kong and Godzilla see eye to eye? Here are the most likely possibilities:

A New M.U.T.O.

[Credit: Legendary Pictures]
[Credit: Legendary Pictures]

2014's Godzilla, the first entry in this universe, introduced us to Godzilla by giving audiences a brand new monster, known as a Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism (or M.U.T.O.). According to John Goodman's character in Kong: Skull Island, this seems to be the term that the organization Monarch uses for all unlabeled kaiju.

Perhaps, instead of using a familiar face to take on the two most iconic giant monsters, Legendary will create a brand new and unique M.U.T.O. perfect for taking on the two kings at the same time.

King Ghidorah

[Credit: Toho Pictures]
[Credit: Toho Pictures]

Godzilla's most powerful nemesis, known as King Ghidorah, is said to be the main threat in the upcoming sequel Godzilla: King of the Monsters — but this three-headed dragon is infamous for making many comebacks to take on the Big G. That definitely could be the case here, and maybe Ghidorah is even more powerful than before...but this time, Godzilla will have the best backup with Kong. Three kings, one fight.


[Credit: Toho Pictures]
[Credit: Toho Pictures]

Many fans would love to see Godzilla's universe cross over with Legendary's other giant monster franchise, Pacific Rim, but that just doesn't seem like it will ever happen. Still, Legendary can still give fans the best equivalent by introducing another long time enemy of Godzilla: MECHAGODZILLA!

Monarch will probably want to eradicate both Kong and Godzilla before they cause too much destruction, so they send out a jaegar—I mean, mech to combat the monsters! It would bring full the universe full circle, with Monarch being involved in the final fight with these two titans.

A More Obscure Kaiju

[Credit: Toho Pictures]
[Credit: Toho Pictures]

An older enemy of Godzilla's known as Biollante was the result of what happens when Godzilla's DNA merged with a plant. This could be a great way of merging both Kong's and Godzilla's worlds together — Monarch finds a poisonous plant upon Skull Island that can cause harm to both Kong and Godzilla. In an attempt to weaponize this plant by using Godzilla DNA, they accidentally create a brand new M.U.T.O. which ends up being more of a threat than Kong and Godzilla combined.

There are so many classic monsters that Legendary could use: Anguirus, Destoroyah, Orga, Kumonga, Hedorah, Megalon, Ebirah, Moguera, the list goes on. We'll just have to wait until 2020 to find out!

Who would you want to see go up against Kong and Godzilla? Or do you think that the movie should just stick to Godzilla vs. King Kong? Let us know in the comments below.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters is coming in 2019. Godzilla Vs. Kong is coming in 2020.


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