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I've been feeling a little blue lately and the only thing that's been able to make me happy these days are . are a sight for sore eyes in a world where many TV shows put their actors on display as if they were getting paid for the amount of skin they display on television screens. Korean dramas offer a more innocent version of love and its intricacies. If they were a type of food, they'd be the comfort food you know will never let you down.

Here are six K-dramas to lighten you mood if you're feeling a little blue.

1. 'You're Beautiful' (2009)

A young woman, hoping to be a nun, falls into the lap of three beautiful K-pop stars who seek to add her twin brother to their musical group. When her brother gets injured, it’s up to her to fill in for him until he can return and switch places with her. Starring the ever-talented actress Park Shin-hye, the drama takes a cheese-tastic turn into hilarious territory when one of the members discovers she’s a woman and another secretly protects her identity. This drama will warm your heart, make you laugh and wish you could find a K-pop group to infiltrate.

2. 'Tomorrow's Cantabile' (2014)

This drama is really something else. I don’t even know where to begin. The two main leads, Joo Won and Shim Eun-kyung, are hilarious together. Adapted from a Japanese manga and seen as a remake of the Japanese drama, the Korean version features beautiful scenery, outrageous hijinks and mismatched love pairings. The eccentricity Shim Eun-kyung brings to the drama is a great contrast to Joo Won's straightforward and harsh personality. Don’t miss this drama if you want to laugh as you listen to classical music. (I should warn you that the main guy is a bit of a jerk; they usually are in K-dramas though.)

3. 'The Master's Sun' (2013)

This drama stars one of my favorite actresses in South Korea, Gong Hyo-jin. I've seen many of her dramas and honestly, the woman can do no wrong. With this show, she displays how well she can act and make a character her own. The Master’s Sun is a supernatural romantic comedy with a dash of delightful mystery that is sure to haunt your dreams in a wonderful way. Watch this drama for the interactions between the main leads and the adventures they go on as they try to unravel the mystery behind Gong Hyo-jin’s ability to speak with the dead.

4. 'Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon' (2017)

Park Bo-young and Park Hyung-sik use their amazing chemistry in this drama about a young woman that has the incredible physical strength of a person three times her size. She gets involved with the CEO of a gaming company who marvels at her strength and hires her to be his bodyguard. A love triangle, messy misunderstandings, and manga-like action scenes result in a thrilling drama that you won’t want to miss.

5. 'Oh My Ghostess' (2015)

A supernatural romantic comedy with one main lead, but two personalities. Out of sheer bad luck, Park Bo-young’s character Na Bong-sun is able to see ghosts. Some go so far as to take over her body without permission. One of these ghosts is played by Kim Seul-Gi, a young woman who died without ever falling in love. Enter Jo Jung-suk’s character Kang Sun-woo, a charming chef who gives Park Bo-young a job and slowly the two (or should I say three) fall in love.

6. 'Kill Me Heal Me'

Kill Me Heal Me is a wonderful drama. It features the actors Ji Sung and Hwang Jung-eum, a pair that have the kind of chemistry you can feel through the screen. It's a unique tale of multiple personalities, forgotten memories and a tricky love triangle (square if you add the other personality into the mix). One woman is tasked with helping a man deal with his various personalities that vary from an older gentleman to a young girl named Nana. Talk about a roller coaster of emotions. You won't regret watching this one.

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