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Sequels are always a tricky thing. That holds true for almost every kind of film. Even a successful superhero flick follow-up is often met with unfair comparisons to a predecessor or two. A sequel becomes even harder to conceive if the original film not only performed a tad bit below studio expectations, but scored only a moderate effort with film critics. The latter of these two is certainly the case for the 2015 holiday comedy film, Krampus.

hit theaters in early December 2015, just in time to get viewers a little spooked for Christmas. Though the film did not actually flop at the box office, the numbers were regrettably below what the studio had in mind. But could a Krampus 2 still see someday the light of Day due to the original's growing standing as a modern cult classic? With the strokes of these mighty fingers on my keyboard, I shall dare to find out the answer. But first, there are a few things that need to be cleared up.

Does 'Krampus 2' Warrant A Shot At Holiday Mischief?

Like Trick 'r Treat, the previous holiday-oriented horror film from director Michael Dougherty, Krampus has started to amass a strong cult following among movie buffs. Fans have begun to question whether or not this film, like , will someday be partnered with an equally entertaining sequel.

Here are the reasons to hold out hope that might happen:

  • The History Is Vast: The film is based on a tale common in the folklore of many European cultures. Krampus is basically the anti-Santa Claus. When he comes, he comes to punish whereas Santa comes to reward. His history is so varied and often believed to have existed pre-Christianity, so there are really no limitations on how far a story can be explored.
  • The Film Was Its Own: Of all the Christmas flicks I've seen in my lifetime, not just horror-oriented, this film was one of the most original, captivating, and visually appealing. It had so much more to offer than traditional terror. It wasn't afraid to wander from horror to to drama and then rinse and repeat all over again.
  • It Wasn't A Critical Failure: Despite reviews not gleaming with praise, the film didn't exactly underperform. It scored a pretty decent average and had the studio allowed the reviews to come out a bit ahead of the release, they likely would've boosted the film's box office numbers. The marketing campaign also didn't quite nail it, so it makes sense that more fans are getting on board post-theatrical release.
  • Lastly, The Finance Aspect: Michael Dougherty was already discussing plans for a sequel to Trick 'r Treat by the time Krampus was released. That film, made on a budget of $12 million, only managed to take in 13.5. But due to its strong cult following and acclaim, a sequel will see the light of day. Now, with Krampus' box office, we're looking at a budget of 15 million that scared up just over 60. That's a return of 4 to 1. Yeah, wow.

Beware: Some Things Are Too Good (Or Bad) To Be True

Back in late July, a trailer popped up on called Krampus 2: The Devil Returns. It's not hard to tell based on the trailer that this new film is in no way associated with the 2015 flick. Unfortunately, it appeared as little more than a home video or cheap parody of the original film.

This film is a direct-to-video sequel to 2013's Krampus: The Christmas Devil. Although both films share the name, the stories, effects, camera use, and direction couldn't be any more different. I hate to burst the bubble of any fans who were thinking these films were all connected, but I can assure you they are not. Hopefully this will save you the grief of having to find out later on.

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Could Our 'Krampus' Return To Haunt The Holidays?

Director Michael Dougherty hinted that the secret of a may be hiding in the very appearance of the legend himself.

“You see a face, but is that his real face or not? His current appearance in this film might be…might be a ruse on his part.

He continued by revealing there was something he intentionally cut out of the script to save, perhaps, for something a little later down the line.

"There’s one thing we had to cut out of the script in some earlier drafts, that I might save for a sequel, so I can’t really say what that is.”

So, will there be a sequel? That's not really for any of us to say. Krampus certainly made enough money to at least spark the idea for one and as time goes on, the cult following will only increase and the interest will grow right along with it. At this point, I'd say the likelihood of it happening mostly rests on the shoulders of Michael Dougherty's future films - Godzilla 2 and Trick 'r Treat 2. The success of both will most likely end up sealing the deal for a Krampus 2 or shutting the door on a sequel.


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