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might be the most insanely hard-working actor that no one's ever heard of. Seriously, check out his IMDB page and glance down through the first roughly 50 projects and you'll realize they were all done in the span of two years. Two. That is insane.

He is currently busy at work filming, among other things, director Jason Hull's Krampus: The Christmas Devil and we have ourselves a whole slew of material from the movie, including a synopsis, a poster, and a first trailer. First up, here's the poster:

Definitely a low-budget poster, but still, it's an interesting concept, no?

Curious as to what, exactly, Krampus is? Here's the synopsis:

Special Agent Jeremy Duffin (AJ Leslie) leads a darkened life of memories stemming from an abduction as a child, where he was dropped into a frozen lake and left to die. Now, as Jeremy recognizes a pattern in the deaths and disappearance of children resembling what could have been his ill-fated end, he begins a personal quest to find the man disturbing a normally peaceful Pennsylvania town.

Unbeknownst to Jeremy, the man he is searching for is actually a creature of yule tide lore, Krampus (Brad Weaver), and has begun his final Christmastime task of finding his final victim, Jeremy’s daughter, Rebecca.

With the aid of his Department captain (Rich Goteri), Jeremy is able to track and locate the location of the kidnapper, but this results in the death of two of his fellow officers.

As Krampus approaches his final task, Jeremy is branded with the capture of his wife and child by the newly released felon, Brian Hatt (Bill Oberst, Jr).

Can Jeremy protect his family from a vindictive ex-con and the Devil of Christmas, Krampus? The third action-thriller from director Jason Hull, is sure to keep children off the naughty list for years to come.

And finally, we've got your Krampus trailer right here:


The acting, not so much with the great. But for an extremely low-budget horror film, it looks like it could be a lot of fun, if in a drinking game kind of way. What do you think?


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