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Listen up, Robsten shippers - today we have yet more rumors surrounding everyone's fave Twilight lovebirds rekindling their romance! After Rob's phone call to Kristen Stewart, asking her to join him for Christmas, could the former couple now be planning New Year's Eve together?

Examiner is reporting that:

A friend of Kristen Stewart, claims Rob and Kristen have plans to return to the Isle of Wight where they’ve spend New Year’s Eve together with friends in the past.

But the same source goes on to say that:

Twilight fans shouldn't get too excited over the prospect Rob and Kristen spending New Year's Eve together. The likelihood is very high that the New Year's rumors now beginning to surface are part of the recently exposed reunion hoax involving Kristen and Rob.

If you're wondering what that means, exactly, then cast your minds back to this occurrence just over a week ago, it was revealed that the secret meet-up between the estranged ex-lovers at Rob's mansion did actually happen, but they were in fact talking about dogs - not running off together into the sunset...

What do you guys think the truth is? Could RPattz and KStew be double-bluffing us all by pretending to be pretending to be back together? Sound off with all your weird and wonderful sparkly vampire-based conjecture below!



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