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Even if you've never been involved in a proposal, whether you're the one doing the proposing or the other way around, it's exciting to think of the perfect scenario for it.

Well, a young man named Michael did just that for the woman of his dreams... on television. Kristen Bell filled in for last night for his late night talk show. Making the show fun as always, Bell started a game called "The Fast And The Frozenest." She picked two members of the audience - Zoe Brown and Sarah Patino - and dressed them up as the Frozen sisters, Elsa and Anna, respectively.

The game was simple: Both women would go out to Hollywood Boulevard and search for Anna's true love, Kristoff (more specifically, a man dressed as him). The first one who brought back the character would receive a cool prize. Both participants excitedly left the building. Once they were gone, however, Kristen Bell revealed something to the audience: This whole game was a setup.

A Frozen-Themed Prom Proposal

Turns out Michael had asked the crew to help him ask Sarah, a classmate, to be his Prom date. Since they didn't know each other that well, he was nervous, so he asked for the help of celebrities. After that, the game was on. Sarah's parents told her they had scored free tickets for the show and they brought their daughter in. As for Zoe, the other participant in the game, she was an actress in on the elaborate event.

Taking into account she was searching for a man dressed in as Kristoff around Hollywood Boulevard, Kristen Bell expressed concern that she would find the wrong person (on account of all the street performers who dress up as various characters). Worry not, though, Sarah returned with the right Kristoff. Upon arrival, Sarah received the surprise of her life when Michael took off his mask and had do the talking for him. Bell began singing a modified version of Frozen's "Do You Wanna Build A Snow Man?" to help Michael carry out the proposal. The lyrics pretty much say everything:

"Do you want to be his Prom date?/ And go with Michael to the Prom?/ Michael wants so much for you to go/ because if you say no/ he'll have to take his mom. He knows you're just school buddies/ but what the f--k/ he thinks that you're really cute./ He's asking you to be his Prom date/ in front of millions of people."

[Credit: ABC Studios]
[Credit: ABC Studios]

After a heart-pounding moment of uncertainty, fearing Sarah would reject the proposal, Kristen Bell added one last verse to her song:

"If you say no this will be awkward."

Fortunately, Sarah said yes, prompting the entire audience to cheer. With their Prom plans now set, the teenagers hugged it out.

Okay, there's no way around this: This proposal was incredible. I mean, Michael went on national television and got the help of the voice actress of one of the most beloved animated films to sing a rendition of her own song.

Does it get any more awesome than that? Probably not.

What did you think of this Frozen-themed proposal? Have you ever witnessed one like this in person? Let me know in the comments!


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