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Anna and Olaf in Disney's Frozen have the kind of friendship anyone would melt for, and it's one of the cutest relationships to watch in the movie. That onscreen friendship seemed to also extend off-screen for Anna and Olaf's respective voice actors, Kristen Bell and Josh Gad, when Bell became a guardian angel for Gad's family.

Days before Hurricane Irma descended on Florida, The Good Place star found herself stuck in Orlando without time to evacuate, and discovered Gad's family were also stranded in the state themselves. The actress immediately booked his family a room in the same hotel she was staying at.

In an Instagram post, Gad thanks Bell for being "truly an angel sent from above" for his family and added, "They don't make them like this girl."

Gad wasn't exaggerating when he called Bell an angel. During the past weekend's storm, Bell has been chronicling her time waiting out Irma's wrath at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort on Instagram.

Making Lemonade Out Of Irma

Bell has been interacting and entertaining Florida's senior residents, who also took shelter at the Disney resort from the hurricane. The actress prepared to lend her voice to call out some Bingo numbers by hydrating her throat with an Anna water bottle:

Duet With John

Bell may be used to belting out songs from , but this time she joined a man named John for a cute duet of "You Are My Sunshine":

Kristen Bell's Soulmate

Probably the sweetest photo of all is one of Bell hugging Corey, who the actress says also cries when she's happy. Bell has been known to get really emotional during happy occasions, so these two really are kindred spirits:

Bell is truly the ray of sunshine everyone needed during Hurricane Irma.

What are some of your other favorite moments of Kristen Bell being an awesome human being?

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