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The TV series Veronica Mars bears the distinction of being one of the most underrated shows of the last 20 years. Veronica Mars was an under-the-radar critical darling that was intensely loved by its fans, yet consistently struggled when it came to ratings and mainstream appeal. It’s the show that introduced the world to Kristen Bell, all the while producing one of the most unique and appealing series to ever grace The WB (now The CW). In a recent Reddit AMA, Kristen Bell was asked about the possibility of a revival of the series.

Any chance of a Veronica Mars reboot? You and Rob [Thomas] seem so into it! Why not make it happen?

Bell: we are trying!

A few years back, the show’s creator Rob Thomas successfully crowdfunded a spinoff film, which was released in limited theaters and also got a DVD release. The movie was a modest financial hit, which proved the ongoing fervor of the show's fans. So what could a new iteration of the new show accomplish? And what would be the benefits, and detriments, to re-visiting a cult, relatively short-lived TV series now ten years-old?

Could A Revival Live Up To The Show's Early Years?

[Credit: Warner Bros]
[Credit: Warner Bros]

There’s a lot here to consider. The film certainly left its characters off in a place that any other project – TV or film – could easily pick up from. Veronica was back in Neptune, abandoning a potential law career in New York to become a PI in her hometown. There were signs of the tempestuous relationship between Veronica and Logan continuing in some form. And plenty of crime for Veronica and her father Keith to manage.

The show's history points to different possibilities. Season 3 struggled under the weight of flagging creativity and network demands, and couldn’t live up to the high standards of the first two years. Yet at the same time, a revived TV series may find more success in our serialized-friendly golden era of TV. Was that third season an indicator that the show had finite returns in its creativity? Or rather, does it simply mean that looser network restrictions – and an evolved television landscape – would make a better fit for the show's existence?

The success of another season would also depend largely upon what the show is intending to be about. Like many other shows have in the past, Veronica Mars' third year struggled with that transition from high school to college, as much of its meatiest material came specifically from that edge-of-adulthood worldview. The dramatic difference in class and social status, the cruelties and criminalities of adolescence, the discovery of identity – these were all intimately tied into the high school setting. By following an adult Veronica, we have to wonder how the show could continue its brutal-but-insightful look at the nature of humanity, through the eyes of characters who are realizing how cruel, but also how compassionate humans can be.

[Credit: Warner Bros]
[Credit: Warner Bros]

Yet it may well be a long time before this revival comes to fruition, as an "I hope so" from Veronica Mars herself is not a lot to go on. At the same time, it’s heartening for fans of the show to know that both Kristen Bell and Rob Thomas are still invested in the project. Whatever we get and whenever it arrives, we can only hope that it lives up to the high benchmark set by the show’s first two seasons.

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