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Now, if there's one thing you really don't want to happen to you at an awards show, it's to be seated anywhere near Charlie Sheen, Billy Bob Thornton, or Donald Trump. Even if you survive the initial dangers of seat allocation, though, then there are still a whole lot of other risks that come along with attendance of a major Hollywood awards ceremony.

One of the roughest of them all? Teleprompter malfunction. A misspelled word here, an inadvertently edited phrase there, and you suddenly look like a doofus in front of your entire peer group. Sometimes, though, said malfunctions can actually work out way better than you'd imagine. For instance:

Kristen Bell's Recent Teleprompter Malfunction Just Made Her Seem Even Nicer

'Veronica Mars' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Veronica Mars' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Y'see, while presenting with an award for "Favorite Humanitarian" at this past Wednesday's , star ran into something of a problem with the event's teleprompter — right in the middle of her introduction. Which, in the end, actually went far better than you would imagine:

"With this guardian angel by our side... Oops, the teleprompter has gone out! But I suppose I can finish. With this guardian angel by our side, I think we’re all incredibly grateful to have someone like him that can teach us to grow and give back as the example."

Bell, though, wasn't content to just do an extremely professional job in a difficult situation, she then offered an extensive apology for doing the same thing that pretty much every other award presenter has done since teleprompters were first introduced:

'Veronica Mars' [Warner Bros.]
'Veronica Mars' [Warner Bros.]

"I feel like just a moment ago I really pulled the curtain and showed some vulnerability... I was, in fact, using a teleprompter, and I’m embarrassed that I didn’t memorize it... To my credit, there were way too many things to memorize. The good deeds of Tyler Perry were literally — and I’ve memorized a lot of dialogue — I couldn’t do it. I had to use the prompter, so I hope you’ll cut me some slack."

All of which mainly serves to highlight the fact that Kristen Bell is awesome, and increase the already vast number of people who want her to be their best friend.

Also, Tyler Perry gave a speech, and a whole bunch of money to charity and stuff:

But y'know, Kristen Bell is mega adorable, so that's probably more important at this point.

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In the meantime, though, what do you think? Would Kristen Bell be your first choice for celebrity BFF, or is someone else in play? Let us know below!

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