BySophie Atkinson, writer at
Sophie Atkinson

Breakups are le worst, except for one thing: way more time with your friends. Kristen seems to be following the tried and tested formula for getting over the ex – cheese smothered pizza and downtime with her best buds.

Twilight star Kristen was spotted moseying about her LA neighbourhood on Monday, laughing, joking and generally having a time – jolly news after all those doom-and-gloom, Kristen’s-now-got-clinical-depression scaremongering headlines. Kristen and her friends then went on to a pizza parlour to indulge.

The LA vampiress kept things laid back in her signature look: skinny denim, a slouchy hoodie and a retro baseball cap worn back to front.

Reallies? Looks a little too much like fun, though, no? I mean, pizza isn’t quite that hilarious. We can’t help but wonder whether Kristen’s fallen for the immortal break up curse - the pressure to look like you're having way more fun than your ex. Bad enough as a muggle, way worse when you're an international celebrity whose every moment is recorded twenty times over and analysed to death all over the Internet. After all, as lovely as Kristen seems, she’s not exactly known for her sunny demeanour.

What do we reckon? Genuine giggles or feigning it for the cameras? Let me know in the comments below.


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