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Will Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson ever find happiness together? Apparently after their infamous split which was a result of Kristen's infidelity, the two have been giving it another shot. But with the prying eye of the media, it'd be a wonder if they could work things out together in private at all.

After a succession of hook-ups with various Hollywood socialites including Dylan Penn, Rob decided that he couldn't handle not having Kristen in his life. He is understandably still wanting to take it slow and not reveal it to the public, however according to CelebDirtyLaundrey, K-Stew is losing her patience.

Kristen Stewart

According to CelebDirtyLaundrey sources:

Kristen’s not sure if she can last much longer in their weird limbo.

The coveted lovers are currently 'hooking up and staying friends' but that's about the extent of it.

The idea of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart separated surely doesn't make any sense and K-Stew is adamant that R-Patz will remain her man.

Regardless of this, the sources also added that:

She’s given Rob an ultimatum: either publicly acknowledge her as his girlfriend, or she’ll find another boyfriend who’s willing to.

Damn girrl, if this is so, then that's a pretty cold conclusion. Do you think that K-Stew deserves to be dishing out ultimatums or should she be more patient?



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