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Sophie Atkinson

Poor . No wonder she's not more outgoing. The poor duck can't even sit down without the whole world commenting on it.

Kristen Stewart got to fulfill all our fashion fantasies by attending the Chanel Paris Fashion Week show at the Grand Palais on Tuesday. Kristen looked the part in a chic white double breasted jacket paired with revealing leather hotpants and some dangerously high looking heels. She gave the high-fashion look a Kristen twist by teaming it with grungy fingerless leather gloves and chain bracelets.

But then she made one massive mistake, at least according to Brit scandal rag, The Daily Mail, who reports:

'Kristen Stewart could have shown a little more etiquette...The 23-year-old actress was snapped sitting front row in what could have been construed as a provocative pose, her legs slightly ajar with her hands between them on the chair.'

Zut alors! What a scarlet lady! Somebody come and smother this provocative lady with kisses! Or wait, no, maybe her sitting isn't some sort of obscure mating call - perhaps she's just sitting without thinking too much about it, as human beings do.

The Daily Mail continued their onslaught when Kristen made the unforgiveable faux pas of smiling too much. While posing for photos, she grinned, as young women at exciting fashion events are wont to do. The Daily Mail observed that 'she seemed to be somewhat overdoing the joviality as she laughed it up while posing for photographers'.

Possibly, just possibly, Kristen was smiling 'cause she was having a really great time! She got to sit next to Boardwalk Empire's and hang out with professional funny lady, Bridesmaids' and 's ex, . Sounds like fun to me! Check out the snaps from Kristen's awesome day out below.

Love her outfit? Think The Daily Mail are a little ridiculous? Let me know thoughts, feelings, rants below!


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