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Mark Newton

Kristen Stewart has a reputation for being a bit miserable, right? Now, I don't know about you, but that might be because most of the time she's being photographed it's by some paparazzo hiding in a gutter outside her house. Anyway, it seems when she actually meets her fans, it's a different story.

Kristen was recently in Switzerland filming Sils Maria. Once she'd finished her work she took an opportunity to catch up with some fans. Twitter user beatriz_1dlover tweeted the following photo of herself with Kristen:

She added:

She was alone with the film producers :3 I saw her doing her shoot & then we talked & yeah we did photos and she’s awesome. She asked us if we are from switzerland & we did say yes & yeah nothing very special & she also said she was very tired. She’s soo genuine & soo normal, she’s just happy to see her fans :D My first thought was; OMG SHE’S SO BEAUTIFUL.

So there you have it, don't believe everything which says it's all doom and gloom for Kristen.


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