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What's a woman got to do in order to spend time with the man she loves?

All Kristen Stewart wants is to make amends and prove her undying love for R-Patz, but she keeps encountering obstacles. has invited Kristen Stewart to join him in London for Christmas but his family are not so keen, according to The Stir and the Christian Post (via reported that:

Rob is currently in London to film his next movie Queen of the Desert. After hearing that Kristen’s new movie, “Camp X-Ray” was accepted into the 2014 Sundance Film Festival, Rob called to congratulate her.

He wrapped up the conversation by inviting Kristen to come visit him in London for the Christmas holiday.

Rob’s family is probably hoping Kristen won’t show. They’re looking forward to spending some quality time with Rob while he’s in London.

As we have seen previously, the Pattinson sisters are concerned for Rob's dependency that he seems to have on Kristen and that there's a chance she will repeat her infidelity. Warning Rob to keep his distance from , it seems that there's no chance of getting in between the vampires immortal bond.

Suffice to say, that Kristen would be very brave to appear in London for the Christmas holiday, although what kind of Christmas what it be without some kind of family ruckus?


Should Kristen go? What would you do in her position?



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