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Ever since her split with , the perpetually-scowling has been keeping a relatively low profile, choosing to hole up in her Los Feliz home or quietly hang out with friends. Rob, on the other hand, has been living it up, spotted out and about with good friend , filming upcoming projects, and partying it up in NYC for the premiere of his steamy Dior commercial.

But now it seems as if Kristen might be getting back into work. The actress was spotted in Paris yesterday after leaving L.A. for a more exotic locale. It's unclear why she's in Paris, but it's possible she could be doing some location scouting for her next project. She recently signed on to star opposite iconic French actress in Clouds of Sils Maria. The director, , is also French, and though the film is set in a Swiss town, could K-Stew be in the area to meet with her costar and director?

It's kind of amazing that even in the middle of Paris, Stewart can look completely disinterested and moody:

(via PerezHilton)

That has to be some sort of latent superpower. Has to be.


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