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Kristen Stewart's lips seem to become a tiny bit looser with every passing day at the moment. The star is blossoming into a truly entertaining interview subject and in her latest flourish, she has opened up about her 10-year friendship with fashion designer, Nicholas Ghesquière.

Ghesquière is a fighting force in fashion as Louis-Vuitton's creative director, but he first met his muse KStew when he was tearing things up at the French fashion house, Balenciaga.

Kristen and Nicholas look happy and relaxed in each other's company

was just 14 when she waltzed into a shoot for Interview Magazine and met up with the designer. Despite her tender young age, the pair had a meeting of minds and KStew's naive little eyes were opened to the joys of fashion. The star told Marie Claire magazine;

I met Nicolas Ghesquière. I was blown away - fashion became less superficial in my eyes, though it wasn't my thing. A couple of years later, he called me up. He had stuck out [to me] as an artist. Fashion has the best and worst people. The gems stick out. He was a designer I wanted to be around. He was so creative. If I have to walk red carpets, if I have to be in fashion, then I want to be with him

Isn't it super sweet that the young Kristen had a supportive mentor to steer her through the shark infested waters of red carpet fashion? It may look like just walking up a red rug in a frock, but it is a path paved with acidic criticism, and that can't be great for such a young stars self esteem. And, it stopped her making mistakes like this!

Kristen Stewart gets her kit off for Balenciaga

Ghesquière may have stopped working for Balenciaga but, Kristen is still the face of their perfume campaign. The Equals star clearly feels a deep loyalty to the brand because working for them must have its awkward moments.

The new creative director, Alex Wang is bessie mates with , the former wife of who Kristen had a high profile affair with in 2012. Ouch.

Some press sources are implying that Kristen and Nicolas might be more than just friends, but I think thats about as likely as her and getting back together. Poor KStew, it must be terrible everyone assuming you are wildly bumping crotches with anyone you express the slightest bit of affection for. I'm surprised nobody had implied she is jumping bones with dusty old Lagerfeld yet!

Do you think Ghesquière was a good spirit animal for Kristen's fashion sense?

(Source: Cafe Mom via Marie Claire US)

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