BySophie Atkinson, writer at
Sophie Atkinson

Another day, another ho-hum Kristen Stewart 'scandal'.

The ever watchful OK! magazine recently reported that has got in touch with ex-friend and former co-star to let her know just what she thinks of her dating her ex boyfriend, Robert Pattinson.

'[Kristen] called Riley. She likes and respect [sic] her, but she just doesn’t feel like it is ever right to go after a good friend’s ex who is suddenly on the market,' a source told OK! Magazine.

Aparrently, Kristen thinks the hookup is 'really uncool', but no worries, it wasn't pistols at dawn: 'It was a civil conversation where the takeaway was that Riley was sorry that Kristen felt that way.'

Miaow! However:

(a) Didn't Riley’s PR confirm weeks ago that Riley and Rob aren't dating?

(b) Ergo, shall we assume this is fabrication?

(c) Do you think all of the anonymous Kristen Stewart sources in Tinseltown have made their millions off the Robsten breakup?

(d) Eurghh. I just used the term 'Robsten'. I'm going to go sob gently in the shower now.


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