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We're all fully aware that loves to drop the odd truth bomb from time to time, especially when it comes to admitting what it's actually like to be a high-profile individual in the harsh Hollywood spotlight.

And although the actress has previously spoken at length about her anxieties regarding relentless paparazzi hounding and how it feels to be under the public's watchful eye, her opinions continue to provide refreshing insights into the damaging effects of celebrity culture in our society.

Over the weekend, KStew attended a Q&A session (in a satin Chanel tracksuit, may I add) for her upcoming movie Personal Shopper at the 2016 New York Film Festival. Here's the trailer below:

Amongst discussing the filming process of Personal Shopper, Kristen also touched on the similarities between herself and her character, Maureen, in the film. She said:

“I think that Maureen wants to be entirely invisible, and at the same time, really seen. And she really struggles with that, and I think that’s pretty much everyone, right now. Even the most out-there people, that can’t be 100% true."

Then, turning to her own experience of living in the limelight and being surrounded by the social media hype, she revealed her personal dilemma:

"Like, I don’t have public social media things that I engage with. But I ultimately want to be seen.”

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Kristen Stewart | 'Personal Shopper'
Kristen Stewart | 'Personal Shopper'

Later, KStew once again touched on the fact that she considers people's obsessions with each other "weird," before adding that it has essentially become a reality of our strange, modern 21st century existence that we want to observe and expose others. Referring to the prevalent stalker culture commonplace on social media, she said:

"Much cooler, productive rad things could be happening. I know I sound ridiculous and really obvious; everyone says this, and I sound like an older person, but we could be doing way cooler s***. It’s so time-consuming…We stalk each other. I stalk people, I get stalked, we all get stalked.”

And, let's be real, she's not wrong. Just think, how many hours of your life have you wasted on Facebook this month keeping tabs on what everyone else was doing?

Unsurprisingly, this Personal Shopper Q&A wasn't the first time that Kristen Stewart expressed her intense perplexity about social media. In 2014, she revealed that although she has a secret Instagram, which she uses to keep in touch with her close friends, she admitted she doesn't have Twitter:"

"What would I tweet about? Who are you talking to? What are you saying? Imagine sitting here right now and thinking, 'That's a good thing to say to the world?' I can't even understand it."

Yeah, I'm with you on this one K.

Do you agree with Kristen that we are all stalkers?

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