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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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We all have the odd, awkward teen photo, but most of us don't have hours of our angsty teen awks filmed and transmitted to millions of people across the world. Kristen Stewart has said before that she will always be "fucking proud" of the series, but she has the same cringe factor as the rest of us when looking back at her younger self.

Kristen chatted with Ellen Degeneres and explained that feeling we can all relate to:

"I feel like I’m looking at a college yearbook. I don’t jump right back into those memories but as soon as you see pictures, you’re like, ‘Oh God, it’s like yesterday!’ …And then maybe not.

I was seventeen, eighteen when it all went down and that was the most uncomfortable, terrible, weird thing. You’re, like, seventeen years old, [going] ‘Ahhh!'"

Relive some of that Twilight magic, uncomfortable hair extensions and all:

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Still, shooting to fame on such a grand scale so quickly made her grow as a person, even if she did have to wear some "really uncomfortable hair extensions" along the way.

"At the same time it’s good. It kind of forced me to stand to attention in this way, which, I didn’t have that… When I do stuff that really scares me, good things happen."

Check out the full interview with Ellen below. As she jokes herself, she's pretty baller, right?

See Kristen Stewart explore some darker material in horror-thriller Personal Shopper on March 10, 2017.


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