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Ever since and have called it quits, Rob seems to be the one who's adjusting to the split the best (as well one can adjust to the end of a long-term relationship, in any case), with movie and music projects on the roll, being linked to different leading ladies, and otherwise looking like he's enjoying life at the moment.

But Kristen may be catching up, with reports she's been spotted out and about in Berlin, and is happier than she's been in a long time. And, if the reports are true, she might be crushing on another Hollywood bit of hotness.

Who's the lucky man? None other than washboard-abbed , whom Kristen was reported to have her eye on. But before you start in with the Zacsten/Krifon mash-ups, sources say it's just a harmless crush - Efron's not exactly the type Kristen would go for:

Kristen like every other girl in the world thinks that Zac Efron is hot but she isn't actively pursuing him. He's actually too buff. She likes skinnier and more the hipster type of guys.

Don't hold your breath for this relationship to ever happen.

Don't worry, unnamed source, I wasn't about to.

Hopefully Kristen continues to have fun while in Berlin and, the next time someone catches her eye, it's for good.


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