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Kstew can't seem to stay out of the jaws of the media for more than 5 seconds. The notoriously tight lipped starlet has started to open up a lot more in interviews, but her comments seem to have come back to bite her in the ass.

In her interview with Marie Claire magazine made comments that could have alluded to her affair with . True to form, almost immediately afterwards one of those naughty little anonymous sources dropped a clanger that Sanders with still pining for Stewart and that the affair had ruined his life.

Unfortunately some people took Kristen's words that;

I stand by every mistake I've ever made, so judge away

As an admission that she simply isn't bothered about the damage she has done to other peoples lives. No wonder the Equals star needs to let off some steam.

KStew was pictured driving to the gym yesterday to blast out her frustration on the treadmill. I can't say I blame her, it must be soul destroying when your attempts at honesty are just spat back in your face.

Kristen Stewart drives herself to the gym

Kristen Stewart lets off some steam in the gym after more rumors surface

I'm not sure about you guys, but I'm sure the intelligent young star meant something more along the lines of "the past is the past and there is no point living in regret, you should appreciate your mistakes because you learn from them". Maybe she should choose her words more wisely next time although, I wouldn't be surprised if what she said was twisted slightly by the interviewers...

Do you think the press is too hard on KStew?

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