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Mark Newton

There are two reasons people want to learn guitar. 1) So they can be that douche at the campfire who irritates everyone there with terrible songs, or 2) because someone split up with them and they now think they're the next Nick Drake, which they always aren't.

Anyway, it looks like Kristen Stewart might have fallen into the second category. According to CafeMom, Kristen has picked up her old guitar and has started to write songs. Of course, the internet has begun to speculate that ALL her songs concern her break-up with Robert Pattinson, as opposed to, y'know, the Vietnam War or getting high — which is clearly what most songs are about.

Of course, Kristen is already known to be quite the virtuoso, showing off her guitar skills in the movies Into The Wild and The Runaways. Do you think we'll see a music career in the future? What do you think?


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