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Sophie Atkinson

Last Thursday, Kristen went for dinner with her friends. As people do. I think - basically, we've all got to eat. And sometimes it's nice to combine the life-perpetuating action of consuming food with seeing one's friends. Y'know? And maybe that has no bearing on one's emotional state and just how much or little a person is over their ex. 'Cause - and I hate that I'm spelling this out - it's just a night out eating.

Let me quote an eonline story on this, because I think this story really takes the biscuit in sleb journalism:

'Kristen Stewart is getting back to life following her breakup from Robert Pattinson'.

How, pray tell, has Kristen been 'getting back to life' is the question poised on all of our lips, no? Has she been smooching lots of boys? Throwing darts at pictures of R-Pattz' head? Literally killing herself and then arising from the dead?

Nope. Far more sedately, Kristen's been eating raw fish.

The story then proceeds to tell us that she went for sushi in LA with her mates and lists creepily specific times. Apaz, Kristen was 'wining and dining' for 'about three hours from about 8pm to 10:45pm.'

Not sure about this 'about' nonsense: it's exactly as if the E! journalist wasn't hidden in the bushes outside the restaurant with a stopwatch, timing it to the second.

So, if you're interested - she dined in En Sushi, which a Yelp commenter tells me is 'a hip hangout for the middle aged Santa Monica commuter'. Not everyone on Yelp was so impressed though - one diner complained about their seaweed salad and it was still left on the bill so they emptied the mint jar in retaliation. This is exactly the sort of crazy sh*t that goes down at En Sushi.

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