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After a stressful week of Rob based rumors, Kristen Stewart has been spotted letting off some steam with her girly pals in LA.

Kristen Stewart and her friend sport similar styles in LA

Rocking her signature low key style, the star went almost unnoticed as she chowed down on some marine munchies at 'Malibu Seafood' on the stunning Pacific Coast Highway in California.

's hooded mate has become a familiar sight at the star's side as she distracts herself with friends after her on-again, off-again relationship with Robert Pattinson seems to have definitely chugged to a halt.

Kristen Stewart pictured chowing down with friends

One things for sure, Rob or no Rob, KStew looks like she is having a fabulous time and drinking in all the fun of the single life.

Has anyone else noticed she has been spotted smiling with shocking frequency since her relationship with ended?

Source:[The Mail Online]

Images: [The Mail Online] via [X17 Online]


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