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Kristen Stewart was a bit of an ugly duckling before blossoming into the beautiful, style savvy swan that we know and love today.

The Equals star is revered for both her casual grunge style and her ravishing red carpet looks but, there is one outfit she would rather we all forgot.

told Marie Claire UK that pictures of her walking the red carpet at the premier of The Panic Room at just 11 still send shivers of shame down her spine. When asked about her biggest fashion faux pas Stewart answered;

I think the pictures that they took at the premiere of Panic Room. It's like a popular image to show from when I was younger, you know, like 'she was a kid!' And I look at that and I'm like, 'Oh . . . my . . . gosh.'"

While it admittedly isn't the most flattering outfit, KStew is doing a reasonably good job compared to most 11 year olds. I mean, she has figured out a colour palette and everything! Hell, when I was 11 I looked like The Tweenies on acid. When prompted to explain exactly what she hated about the pictures of her trench coat and trainers ensemble KStew said that;

I had like these baby hairs and I was being weird about them, so I was like, 'I'm just gonna cut them off.' And I had like these little things like poking out from under my hair and behind my ears, and a ridiculous outfit. I did not know how to get dressed up at that age at all, I didn't even know what I liked. I was just like completely . . . a goofy kid

Awwww bless! I can't help but think that Kristen's mortification is slightly misdirected though. While it is totally normalized to see children parading around in Prada on the red carpet these days, most kids wear favour decidedly charmless clothes. I however, find it pretty hard to justify this multi-coloured, multi-patterned monstrosity from 2009. Why Kristen, whyyyyyyyyyyyy?

Does anyone else think that Kstew has bigger fashion crimes to answer to?

(Source: US Weekly via Marie Claire UK)

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