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Twilight star and ex-girlfriend of , spectacularly lost her cool recently, as she began sticking out the middle fingers and giving the bird to the paparazzi while strolling in a parking lot with a friend in Hollywood.

This mini meltdown (which comes to us from Celebuzz) is not unconnected to the fact that she and her former flame, Twilight co-star RPattz have recently broken up and the latter has moved out of her house. The split came after reports that KStew didn't feel loved anymore and their continuous arguing, even on Rob's birthday.

I feel for Kristen. I would hate to have my personal life up for public scrutiny. She's a very young, very human person and it's time to let her be. Actors aren't required to like paparazzi. Some picture-snapping is fine, but many of the paps are WAY over the top.

Having said that, material like this does make for magnificent GIFs!

Do you think Kristen should continue to give those photographers hell, or is being harassed just the price she has to pay for fame? Sound off below.

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