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Tino Jochimsen

(Lincoln) is one sneaky indie filmmaker.

Last week news broke (like a furtive fart) that the multi-talented actor-writer-director had already started filming his new movie, Anesthesia with in a small supporting role in New York.

Plot details were sparse. The only substantial story detail known was that the micro-budgeted indie drama revolves around a Columbia University philosophy professor.

Now, Deadline throws a bit of light on the ensemble drama.

And, behold, what we see is a mighty cast:

(Fatal Attraction), (House of Cards), (Boardwalk Empire), , (Frances Ha) (Lincoln), (Rounders) and (The Newsroom) have joined the cast of Anesthesia.

The latter will play said college professor who becomes the victim of a violent mugging. The incident is the cataclyst for bringing together all sorts of disparate people - who will be played by the talented bunch of actors listed above.

Stewart plays one of his students, Close his wife. The excellent co-stars as an investment banker who witnesses the crime.


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