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Twilight star and recent ex of , is known for her lovely leggy figure, super slim frame, and is regularly spotted working out.

However, ShowbizSpy is reporting that the acclaimed director of her latest movie wants KStew to drop the dumbbells and pick up the donuts to make her look "dowdy and puffy" for the flick. She was

Asked to put on a few extra pounds by director for her part in new movie Clouds of Sils Maria - as he didn't want her to look like a trim and toned Hollywood starlet.

Assayas (c'mon, it's in the name) has put Kristen on a high-calorie diet of chocolate squares and other foods to make health freaks flinch, so as to transform her from toned and trim to tubby, for her role as personal assistant to 's actress.

Being made to eat junk food so that you can get paid millions to star in a Hollywood job EVER?

Sils Maria is due in theaters this year.



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