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Abi Toll

Latest face of Chanel Kristen Stewart, has joined a host of other Hollywood A-listers by donning a new wristband which 'monitors exercise and calorie intake'.

Yes that's right, we've learned (via The Daily Mail) that bouji health guru has a blue one, notorious trend setter and UK Chancellor George Osborne has a black one and self professed-incarnation of Jesus, has a Nike one.

If you wish to follow in the footsteps of the aforementioned A-listers with a ‘holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle’, then this badboy will set you back a mere $150.

K-Stew has a new health wirstband

So there you go- will you be rushing over to the website to partake in the latest trend? Surely it can't be a bad thing if it's gonna help to maintain a lean mean fighting machine physique like 's?

Source: The Daily Mail



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