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Yeah, I know. We should be swotting up on what's going down in the Middle East or campaigning for better conditions for workers in the sweatshops that produce our trendy-but-cheap high street clothes and mean that workers barely make enough to eat.

But guys, sometimes the world is a dark, dark place. Global warming. Women’s lack of rights in vast swathes of the world. The never-ending recession. Sometimes, just sometimes – you need a picture of carrying a puppy. Right now is that moment.

Kristen was spotted cradling a glossy black puppy as she headed to lunch. Those of you who keep abreast of the Kristen-Rob break up saga (possibly the only thing as relentlessly never-ending as the recession...) will know that when they parted ways, Rob reportedly took both of their dogs, Bear and Bernie. The last thing we knew, they were trying to hash out some sort of joint custody agreement, but after seeing this pic, it's looking likely that Kristen gave up on this and just adopted a new dog instead.

However, there's also a chance that Kristen's cheeky pup belongs to her mom, dog-enthusiast Jules Stewart. Jules was recently in the press after filing a restraining order against her neighbor for harassment after they alleged she illegally keeps wolves on her property. It turned out the dogs were wolf-hybrids and completely harmless:

'The honest truth about the animals is, years ago I rescued a few wolf-hybrids, and they live on a large open piece of property filled with trees. They're loyal, they're big, they're completely socialized, they're licensed, they're legal for me to have them [sic], and I love them!' Jules told US Weekly at the time.

Here's another picture of Kristen spending quality time with the dog:

My goodness, it's adorable. Fingers crossed it's Kristen's so we get to see more of the wily fella!

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