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Kristen Stewart is kinda...gross. She's known for wearing her ex Twilight co-star and ex boyfriend Robert Pattinson's clothes, she looks like she NEVER washes her hair, and she's famous for just not givin' a crap.

Well, I'm probably one of the very few who thinks that KStew ALWAYS looks awesome. And part of that looking awesome is exactly because she doesn't try too hard. Think of all the Taylor Swifts and the Selena Gomezes of the world who spend hours in front of the mirror every morning perfecting their foundation base, curling their hair to within an inch of its life, and matching their shoes with their handbag so perfectly that you'd think that their stylist did it for them (oh, wait...)!

Kristen Stewart isn't one of these women. She's a woman who STILL manages to look good after a hard night partying. I imagine, when she was with Rob, she'd roll over and give him a huge morning-breath kiss and he wouldn't mind. Then she'd throw on a t-shirt and a pair of ripped jeans, and take the dogs for a walk - sans make-up. That's natural beauty, baby!

Well, the Twilight thesp has been divulging her very own beauty secrets with New York Magazine's The Cut and what she's saying kinda makes sense:

I'm always striving to get to the point where I look like I've woken up in the last hour. You know that look you get when you're fresh-faced? You're a little puffy but looking really good? That's what I like... I just like it when people look like they're not trying. And the only way to do that is by not trying.

Have you ever noticed how, despite her grade-A grungy style, KStew has an impeccably flawless complexion? The actress continued:

I drink a lot of water. Like, if you don't drink water, you look awful.

So THAT'S the reason for her healthy glow. C'mon, Rob - look at that gorgeous face. Quit messing around with these other Hollywood Barbie dolls and give the girl another go!

What do you guys think of KStew's look? Does she have the natural beauty to pull off her grungy, effortless attire? Let me know what you think in the comment section below.



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