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Sophie Atkinson

YES! Now here's a real gossip exclusive to get excited about: something about Kristen, not Kristen's love life.

According to reports, Kristen has been using her time in Europe to focus on herself. The actress has been ultra-busy over the past few months, filming her upcoming movie Clouds of Sils Maria and in between shooting, Kristen has also been working on a script of her own.

Kristen has been filming in countries like Italy, Switzerland and Germany. She's been looking really happy recently, and the reason's finally been revealed – nope, not due to anything to do with her love life, but because of a new project.

'Kristen has been writing quite a bit while she's been in Europe. Being in different countries has been really inspirational for her and healing,' a peskily unnamed source told 'She's working on her first screenplay. It was that encouraged Kristen to write. Juliette has had and continues to have a strong influence on Kristen. She’s been incredibly supportive of Kristen.’

This is the part where I normally get snarky about how the source is anonymous and the story's probably not true. But in this case, I'm crossing my fingers – wouldn't it be great if Kristen was known for her creative talents over and above her choice of male arm candy in the gossip columns?

Kristen, we can't wait to read the script – best of luck with your writing!


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