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has spoken recently about some of her favorite possessions that she has acquired/stolen from her movie sets. Responding to the question of which of her jewelry is most important to her, Stewart revealed to Elle UK:

I have all the rings that I wore as Bella in Twilight, including her wedding ring. My other treasured pieces are mainly vintage and a Cartier ‘Nail’ bracelet that I wear a lot. I usually take one or two things from each film as a souvenir. It’s fun to put that suff on; it reminds you of good times.

Obviously I'm no fashionista so I have no idea what a 'nail' bracelet is. Maybe K-Stew is actually a vampire, who collects the finger nails of her victims and uses them to make expensive and fashionable jewelry? Like a sexier version of Leatherface, perhaps? At the very least it sounds as if she's a bit partial to a bout of on-set kleptomania, building a nice hoard of acquired movie mementos.

Nice work if you can get it.

PS: Nail bracelet.


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